creative advice

planning to develop ideas into film

We collaborate with you to develop your ideas and develop storyboards and shot lists to help structure how your video will come together.

Our Services

Creative Advice

Sometimes you have no idea what you want to create. You might consider that you want to create a video advert but not have a clue where to start. We can spend time guiding your decision-making by offering a selection of examples for you to choose from. Thereafter, we can both work towards planning your creation through shared story and art boards to define colours and style.

planning and developing ideas into storyboards and shot lists


We create a mock-up storyboard to help you visualise and get a feel for your video and so you get an idea of how your video will look.

Copyright Free Music

We know how to source copyright free music to ensure that your video advert has an emotive impact on your chosen audience.

Drone Footage

For an additional cost, we can arrange drone footage to create a cinematic feel for your advert.

Creative Ideas

Creativity is our main skill. We understand your audience and create something unique that will appeal to your audience. We can generate 2 - 3 ideas to help you choose what it is your company needs. For example, we create introductory videos, explainer videos, music videos, promotional adverts, health and safety videos and technical adverts.