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Annie Lawler remembers being stung by a bee on the day her baby sister was born.  So she’s always known that small moments can have a big influence. As a successful filmmaker, Annie has the instinct and vision to capture moments on film that resonate with the audience in a powerful way.

Growing up in Liverpool in England, Annie moved her family to Tauranga, New Zealand in 2003 to give her kids the lifestyle that she’d always dreamt of having.  Her depth of experience in education, business systems and change management were highly sought after and she worked in those fields throughout the Bay of Plenty and Waikato for over a decade.  In her rare, spare time she continued a lifelong passion -   building a portfolio of short films, photographic work and fostering a passion for the medium in those she trained and taught in her day job.

In 2012 she decided to make it real by creating films and later launched Filmonaday.  Annie conceptualised her first short film at Tauranga Racecourse, filmed it on location in Mount Maunganui and never looked back. Her company plans and films videos primarily for businesses looking for a unique and creative way to market themselves and for families who want to capture a moment in time. As an active member of Bay of Plenty Film she’s heavily involved with International Youth Silent Film Festival workshops in both Tauranga and Whakatane, as well as managing the HP48 Hour Film Festival in the Bay area.  The creative connection, that you seek is as a result of Annie’s inspired direction and distinctive camera work. 

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Creative Thinking

Our team take time out to imagine something every day. Our process is fun and we want to be creative with you.

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Videos have been known to have 5K views in 2 weeks. That can translate to 2 new customers per day.

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Use a video to increase your social media following and change up your daily offering in the digital space.

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Video Introduction

Our videos are tailored to your needs. We help you identify your ideal audience and pinpoint which aspect of your business you want to market. We then work on developing a creative concept, identify music and guide you on script development. The whole experience is fun and painless. Call today to start your journey into digital marketing

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Our Passionate, professional and workaholic team.